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Skies are gray in Missouri, but I packed my sunglasses in an act of faith.

We drove to Orlando in the middle of the February deep freeze. At home the temp was single digits. Kids had not been to school in a week. Main roads were clear, but all secondary roads (including our driveway) were snow packed and treacherous. A thaw was not predicted for another week.

In the middle of the cold-much like difficult times-it might be hard to believe things could ever be different than what they are at that moment.

But faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen.

In faith I packed my sunglasses because I knew we were headed to the sunshine state. Even though I couldn’t see it yet, I knew the sun would be shining there. Florida has long been known for warm sunny weather. Its just the truth about Florida.

I didn’t expect to show up there and discover the state had mysteriously been transformed into a frozen tundra landscape. If we had been headed to Seattle or Pittsburgh, I might not have had the same confidence to pack those sunglasses. But Florida? You can count on sunshine.

In the same way, we have faith in God whose proven track record gives us the confidence to know His care for us and power over circumstances. We aren’t putting faith in a newcomer or rising star. He is the One who has been faithful since the beginning of time.

One of my favorite songs lately is Who you are to me by Chris Tomlin. He wrote:

You’re amazing, faithful, Love’s open door

When I‘m empty you fill me with hunger for more

Of your mercy, your goodness

Lord you’re the air that I breathe

That’s who you are to me.

So who has He proven himself to be to you?

What experience showed that to you?

You can hang on to that truth learned knowing God’s the One who promises to be the same yesterday today and forever. 

And when we’re having trouble sensing who He is, we can practice feeling his presence by using our 5 senses.

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