Some people write as an expert in their field: Psychologists who know the exact methods to raise a child into a well-adjusted adult. Humorists able to put a spin on everyday vignettes that will make you RFLOL. Artists who can bring you to tears with beautifully descriptive language because it touches your heart so.

I am not that.

I am a regular person you’d pass at the store – and maybe acknowledge with a small smile and quiet “Hi”…or maybe not notice at all. I live in a down-to-earth rural midwestern town with my family: husband of 16 years, and our children – 3 boys and a girl.

You won’t confuse me with an expert at anything. I sort of do some things well, there are a couple things I’m pretty good at, but mostly, I’m a student of everything else.

And there are so many things that interest me…One life can’t possibly contain it all…I wonder how many others there are like me.

So how do we do enough to reach goals and make progress but not so much that you can’t enjoy life?

This is the question I’ve been wrestling with for the past several years.

Do you write life to the edges? Staying busy from sun-up to sun-down to avoid living with any regrets? Burning the candle at both ends? Or do you leave empty space in the margin? Making room only for what matters most?

The thoughts shared here are reflections of what I’m mulling over as I try to live a satisfying life. {sidenote: live a satisfying life needs to be defined…what does it mean to me?}

On that note: feel free to chime in along the way.