I grew up in the suburbs of North County St. Louis, Mo. In an all-American family: with a dedicated working dad and homemaking mom, a brother and 2 sisters. I played softball, soccer, and tennis and faithfully attended church. My grandma lived with us and brought her giant upright piano when she moved in. Thus, I took piano lessons. We ate home cooked meals together most nights of the week crowded around a little table in the tiny eat-in kitchen. The 1/4-acre lot on which our house sat was the place I learned to ride a bike, accused my brother of cheating at backyard ball games, and hosted high school friends for epic spades battles. Our vacations consisted of camping with the ski boat and road trips to see extended family.
My husband, Chris, and I were college sweethearts. We married the summer after his graduation and before my senior year.
I had planned to be a stay-at-home-mom even throughout my college education, and that’s how it was for about 10 years. When Chris started a web-design company {CSDesignonline.com}, I stayed out of it at the beginning. Gradually, he started asking for help with one thing or another and since most of the kids were in school, I pitched in. When it came time to file our LLC paperwork, we organized as co-owners and I’ve been involved ever since. Currently, I am the Administration department plus do a little editing/proofreading for our design clients on the side.
Right now, life looks like caring for my home and family, focusing on personal health and self-discovery, plus volunteer work through our church. {I lead the band once or twice a month which involves choosing the song set, facilitating rehearsal, and implementing during our 2 church gathering times.}
Hopefully I will be able to tackle some substantial writing projects in the next few years. The first of which is the blog {ChoosingMargin.com}. There’s always more ideas brewing than I will ever have time to pursue.
My biggest dreams are to open a coffee shop/business center/community center in our town and build the passive solar home we designed. But even those are just cover for the real deep desire I have: to be deeply connected to those I love, near and far; to develop relationships so we can all live satisfying lives of meaning.